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Actor, Tracey Dukes is finding success
landing major film and television roles.  
While having only been in LA pursuing
acting for five years, he is already
beginning to make his name known in
the entertainment industry.  The
Tracey Dukes story is a great one that
America needs to know!
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Get to know actress, Megalyn
Echikunwoke.  She has been an actress
in many television series such as, "24",
"The 4400" and "That 70's Show."  
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Giving Recognition to Successful Americans.
Leslie Brown is a project manager for
Scholastic Inc.  Her project is
Scholastic's READ-180 program which is
designed to help children (who are
struggling with reading) read better.  
She does motivational speaking at
church events in Columbia, S.C. and
surrounding areas.  She has taught at
universities such as, University of
Phoenix and Strayer University.  
Ron Williams is president of Williams
Bakery Inc., headquartered at  8084
Mechanicsville Tpke, Mechanicsville,
Va.  Williams Bakery has four locations
in the Richmond-metro area and 22
employees.  Their showcase has 180
products, including wedding cakes, pies,
doughnuts, rolls and cookies; all made
fresh and without the use of
preservatives.  Williams has been the
owner since 1990.  
"If there is no struggle, there is no
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This magazine is still going strong January 4, 2015
This magazine is still going strong  January 4, 2015
This magazine is still going strong  January 4, 2015
This magazine is still going strong  January 4, 2015